Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Two Room Cabin Tent Review

When we prepared this review for the Copper Canyon 12, we looked at the data from eighteen twelve person cabin tents, evaluating more than 60 different details. We also checked the cost including shipping & discounts at thirteen different suppliers sites, to find the best bargain for you.

The Copper Canyon Two Room Fly Closed
Eureka's Copper Canyon 12 Two Room With the Fly Closed
In this report, we will cover for you:
  • An outline of the reviews we found.
  • A detailed analysis of the features, materials and dimensions.
  • The Pros and Cons about the tent.
  • The Lowest Price that we Found!

At all our reports are built with the aid of our particular database of over 1,000 tents and shelters, that are for sale in America. Our aim is to provide you an objective report and our own unique rating based on the statistics, along with the lowest price and best value we could find. At this moment in time, this tent is no longer listed on the manufactures website or in the other thirteen stores we check daily.

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  • Eureka Logo
  • Manufacturer: Eureka
  • Model: Copper Canyon Two Room
  • Year Introduced: 2012
  • MPN: 2601311
  • Sleeping Capacity: 12 Persons
  • Designed For: 3 Seasons
  • Best Use: Car Camping
  • Type: Cabin Tent
  • Available in: Other Sizes
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    Copper Canyon 12 LX
  • MSRP: $499.95
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Copper Canyon 12 Pictures and Videos

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The Copper Canyon Two Room With the Fly Off

Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Two Room With the Fly Off
Dimensions of the on the Copper Canyon Two Room 12

Dimensions of the Copper Canyon 12 Two Room

A video about the Copper Canyon 12 tent.

Another video about Eureka's tents.


Logo Representing the Features Section


  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Color: Brown, Cream
  • Number of Rooms: 2
    Room Dividers: 1
  • Number of Windows: 6
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Zippers: N/A
  • Storage Pockets & Gear Loft: Yes, Yes
  • Mesh Roof & Walls: Yes, No
  • Footprint: Not Included, Available Separately
Logo Representing the Materials Section

Materials and Extras

  • Inner Walls: 75D 190T StormShield Polyester Taffeta
  • Half Fly: 75D 190T StormShield Polyester Taffeta
    Fly Waterproof Ratings: 1200 mm
  • Floor Materials: 75D 190T StormShield Polyester Taffeta
    Floor Waterproof Ratings: 1200 mm
  • Pole Material: Fiberglass & Steel
  • Number Of Poles: 9
  • Pole Dimensions: 12.7, 16 And 19.5mm
  • Guy Lines & Guy Outs: Yes, Yes
  • Stakes: Steel Skewer
Logo Representing the Dimensions Section


  • Floor Area: 168 sq. ft.
  • Center Height: 7 foot. 0 inches.
  • Packed Weight: 42 Lbs 12 Oz
    Trail Weight: 38 Lbs. 12 Oz.
  • Packed Size: 10 x 28 inches.
  • Number of Vestibules: None
  • Screened Areas: None
  • Awnings: 2

Tent Set Up

With two people it is very easy to setup

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Summary: Favorable Reviews

Stays dry even in thunderstorms, wind, and hail. Very generous interior space. Height can accommodate tall people even standing up. Has an electrical port. Can be set up within a few minutes.

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Summary: Unfavorable Reviews

There is some leaking at times. The floor is also not waterproof. Not recommended to pitch without a footprint. Door zipper tends to easily break down.


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The Copper Canyon 12 Two Room is Eureka's largest tent, and it has six windows and two doors and a maximum center height of 7' 0, which is a little bit smaller than the average height of the 15 different 12 person tents we have examined With 168 square feet of room inside, it is significantly smaller than some other 12-person tents, and it would be quite tight for you and, up to eleven other campers throughout the 3-seasons, this tent is recommended for use in, larger tents similar to this one make a fantastic choice for families who love having lots of space inside their tent for sleeping and hanging out.

One of the benefits of cabin tents is, that the walls of the tent are near vertical creating a sizeable interior, this makes for plenty of headroom at the sides of the tent, making it feel much larger than other types of tents, in general the floor areas are quite large compared to other tents. In general cabin tents most often used by groups going on a camping trip in a car or a truck as they are quite heavy when compared to dome tents. It dose though make them well suited to colder nights. Many cabin tents contain more than a single room, similar to the Eureka Copper Canyon two-room tent

Below you can browse a list of the tent's strongest and weakest points.

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  1. Freestanding. The Copper Canyon Two Room can support its own weight on any terrain. It does not need to be staked down in most cases. But in case of strong winds, it is always best to secure it to the ground with the included steel stakes and guylines.
  2. Has Gear Loft. It is nice to see Eureka adding a gear loft in the interior to store some of your things.
  3. Has awnings. The awnings protect the sides of the tent.
  4. More than one room. The Copper Canyon is designed with two rooms, allowing for more privacy. Ideal for a large family and groups who do not want to be all sleeping together.
  5. Removable divider. For those who would like to maximize all of the available space that the Copper Canyon provides, the divider can be removed to have one large room for everyone to share.
  6. More than one door. With 2 doors, it is simpler to get in and out of the tent, in the middle of the night if needed.
  7. More than one window. With 6 windows it is simple to keep the tent cool on a hot summers night.
  8. Breathable. The Copper Canyon's interior uses a mesh fabric on the inside of the tent, and this helps maximize the flow of air. With the extra ventilation, and this tent is great for use in the summer.
  9. Available in other sizes. Eureka has also made this model available in Other Sizes.


  1. Sensitive to wind. Because of its size and shape, the Copper Canyon may not do best in strong winds if it is not firmly secured with the provided guy lines and stakes. Even though the tent is listed as freestanding in all but very calm conditions, one would need to stake and tie it down correctly.
  2. Not spacious. With a floor area of 168 square feet, the Copper Canyon 12 is smaller than quite a lot of the 15 other 12 person tents we have looked at.
  3. No Vestibules. If you want to keep your dirty shoes, clothes, and backpacks protected from the elements, you must store them inside the tent.
  4. Rainfly does not wholly cover the tent. The rainfly only covers the ceiling and part of the tent body from the top. Meaning it may not protect against heavy rain.
  5. Uses Fiberglass poles. Even though the poles are comprised of fiberglass & steel. Using even some fiberglass with a large tent like the Copper Canyon 12 could possibly lead to problems, if there were to be extreemly windy conditions.
  6. Poor Heat Retention. The general design of the Eureka's Copper Canyons interior is designed to easily let air in and out. Therefore, it cannot keep heat inside, making it unsuitable for use in winter.
  7. Heavy. Even though heavy is not in it self a negative, it is worth noting that the Copper Canyon 12, weighs 42 pounds and has a packed size of 10 x 28 inches. obviously it is designed for camping with a vehicle and would not be super easy to set up on your own.
  8. Footprint not Included. There is no included footprint, The floor may be made of 75D 190T StormShield polyester taffeta but it is still best to protect it further with a footprint, more so on rough terrain.


4.9 Stars Logo

Our Ratings: 4.9 STARS

Eureka's Copper Canyon 12 Two Room tent is really good for car camping. Here are a few other points not mentioned above which, we found and liked, while researching the model: Zippered E! Power Port allows you to bring an outdoor-grade electrical power cord inside the tent to power phone chargers and other electronics, Near-vertical walls in this cabin-style tent create a spacious interior ideal for cots and airbeds and High-stash pockets and gear loft keep essentials close at hand and easy to reach.

With favorable ratings, quite a lot of reviews and a minimum headroom of 7' and 168 square feet of space to play with, this tent is like your own little manor. It will allow you together with 10 other people to enjoy some really enjoyable time camping together. We found a decent amount of pros about the tent that you can study above.

If you came to this website looking for an endorsement on this specific tent, we think, it will make for a good acquisition. In case you simply happened to arrive on this website while browsing for a brand new tent having never heard of this manufacurer or this tent model before, it is perhaps a good thing to check out some other comparable tents also.

Value for money: In terms of value for money, this tent is without a doubt more costly than the usual price of all the seventeen, twelve-person tents we have taken a look at, this just by itself is not a negative thing. We also need to look at other things in detail, as we do with each tent.

When we calculate the score of a single tent, we study plenty of areas, looking for things where the tent could exceed other near-identical tents and where it is coming up short. On this occasion, with an overall rating of 4.9 and the price conclusions above, It is simple to notice that with a price of $499.95 Eureka's Copper Canyon 12 Two Room is a fair deal though it could be thought of as quite expensive when set side by side with comparable tents.

Its ratings show that the quality and capacity the tent gives you make it a honest buy for people looking for a tent that can last for many years. It will make a decent choice for most campers looking for an appropriate three-season cabin tent to go camping with, that should serve you well for years to come.

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Other Sizes and Variations of the Eureka Copper Canyon Model

Model Headroom Sleeping Area

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 4
Copper Canyon 4 LX

7' 0"64 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 6
Copper Canyon 6 LX

7' 0"100 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 8
Copper Canyon 8 LX

7' 0"130 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 12
Copper Canyon 12 LX

7' 0"168 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 4
Copper Canyon 4

7' 0"64 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 6
Copper Canyon 6

7' 0"100 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 8
Copper Canyon 8 Two Room

7' 0"130 sq ft

Eureka Copper Canyon Two Room 12
Copper Canyon 12 Two Room

7' 0"168 sq ft
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