What are the best cabin tents to buy?

Choosing a cabin tent

Cabin tents have more headroom than other types of tents. Of the 33 Cabin tents reviewed, all have at least 6 feet of headroom some even have 8 feet. Price and Size also vary considerably as you will see.

Sizes range from 42 sq feet up to 256 sq feet
Prices start at $169.99 and max out at $812.00 info_outline
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Top Rated Cabin Tents

Kodiak's Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 has more than 150 reviews and still has an amazing 96% overall score. Both smaller sizes also get lots of great reviews and score very highly. As the name suggests it is a deluxe canvas tent. If your ready to invest in a quality tent the large Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 reviewed in the video below will keep you and your family dry for many years to come.

The Blue Ridge manufactured by Wenzel scores well with an overall score of 80% With more than 100 reviews it's easy to choose this tent based on the number of excellent ratings it has received. It is also one of the cheapest cabin tents currently available, discounted to a little under $175 info_outline it makes an excellent choice if you are looking for a large cheap cabin tent, that will not break the bank.

Cabin Tents Representing Great Value

Quite often the tents with the biggest discounts are those with the poorest ratings. One that has great ratings and lots of reviews is Wenzel's Great Basin Discounted 29% this tent is a great for campers looking for a big tent under $200 info_outline

Trek have a history of making quality tents. The Canvas Cabin 246c is one of the largest all season tents available on this website. It is well suited for organizations catering to large groups wishing to camp all year round. In the video from TheTravelersTravels below you can get a feel for Trek's smaller Canvas Cabin 245c. Except for the size of the slightly smaller floor area and "weight" they are the same.

The Largest Cabin Tents

If your looking for a large cabin tent, the Copper Canyon 12 could just fit the bill. With 168 sq feet of living area and 7' of head room the tent is truly large and should accommodate most large families easily. Two rooms is another plus. Eureka is a well-known brand that has been around for many years. Campers rate the tent highly, stressing how easy it is to setup.

Two other tents are worth mentioning. The Ozark Trail 12 is a really big tent with 256 sq ft, it is considerably larger than the Copper Canyon 12. Both are normally around the same price. At present it has more than 50 reviews with an overall score of 78% making it a good choice compared to others, if your looking for a huge tent.

Coleman's Canyon Breeze was the largest of all cabin tents with 228 sq feet, before the Ozark Trail 12 mentioned above came on the market. Quite often I will go with a larger tent if it is just an extra few dollars and equal in everything else. In this case I just cannot see the advantage of having another 60 sq feet unless your using it for some type of event tent. The reviews are not great and the tent lacks many of the extras other Coleman tents have for the same price.

Cabin Tents Under $200

Two tents made by Wenzel fall into the under $200 group. The first is the Great Basin, it scores well in all areas. The other is a lot smaller and a little more expensive, considering its size. The smaller Blue Ridge pictured below, has more than 150 reviews with great ratings. Of the two, the larger, more popular and deeply discounted Great Basin looks like a better choice.

Another is the Copper Canyon 4 that is occasionally discounted below $200 This tent is the smallest of all cabin tents and is the main reason why it is on the cheap end of the scale. For a very small family of three or a couple using a queen-sized air mattress this is a great tent. It scores very well in all areas, as do most of Eureka's tents and will last you for many years.

The Most Popular Cabin Tents

Coleman's Weathermaster + Porch is the best selling cabin tent, it excels in all areas. It fairs a little better than the average ratings for all tents on this website. Yo can read more about the Weathermaster 6 specs on another page we did. A few campers have had problems with the Weathermaster leaking, digging deeper a lot of those people that give it a perfect rating talk about how they waterproofed the tent before using it. Non of these campers appear to have had any problems and many describe how the tent survived harsh conditions and remained dry.

One of the most popular new brands today that started out in early 2016, is Core Equipment In just a few months they had taken an incredible share of the market. Their flagship model the "Instant Cabin" is offered in three sizes, the smallest of which is 99 sq ft designed for 6 the largest "pictured below" is designed for 12 with 180 sq ft, it offers a lot of space without reqiring a huge investment. This tent out sold all other tents, which could be considered similar in size, on optimumtents.com during 2018. At the start of the 2017 season it continues to perform well.

The Best Cabin Tents

One tent ranks extremely well in four areas and good in the other. Wenzel's Great Basin is easily the best cabin tent for those families looking for a large tent under $200 even if this tent was not heavily discounted it would still be an excellent choice. With the current reduction in price, it is one of the best tents for the money available today. Jul 19th, 2024 info_outline

Kodiak's Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe is another to consider, available in three different sizes it cannot be faulted in any area at all. The 4 person tent has a MSRP a little under $500 making it a little expensive for its size. The larger 6 person version has a suggested retail price, that is only an extra $50 for 40% more space, making it a much better deal.

If you need a much larger tent the largest designed for 8 people represents excellent value for a tent of this size, more so when compared with the smaller models. If you have decide to invest in a quality cabin tent you can not go wrong choosing any of Kodiak's Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe models.

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