Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6 Person Dome Tent Review

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6 Dome with Fly On

Steel Creek Fast Pitch 6 Dome with Fly On
  • Coleman Logo
  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Designed For: 2 Seasons
  • Best Use: Car Camping
  • Type: Dome Tent
  • Reviewed by: Neale
  • Rating: 4 STARS
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  • MSRP: $229.99
  • Current Price: $179.00 info_outline
  • You Save $50.99 (22 %)
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  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Coleman Logo
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Designed For: 2 Seasons
  • Best Use: Car Camping
  • Type: Dome Tent
  • Reviewed by: Neale
  • Rating: 4 STARS
  • Five Stars logo
  • MSRP: $229.99
  • Current Price: $179.00 info_outline
  • You Save $50.99 (22 %)
  • ** Affiliate disclosure **

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Steel Creek 6 Tent with Fly off

Steel Creek 6 Without the Fly
Steel Creek 6 Tent with the fly closed

Steel Creek 6 With the fly closed

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Logo Representing the Features Section


  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Color: Green/Brown
  • Number of Rooms: 1
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Number of Windows: 2
  • Footprint: N/A
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Materials and Extras

  • Inner Walls: Polyester.
  • Fly: Polyester.
  • Floor: 1000D polyethylene.
  • Poles: Fiberglass.
  • Screened Porch: Yes.
Logo Representing the Dimensions Section


  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Floor Area: 90 square feet
  • Center Height: 5 ft. 08"
  • Total Weight: 20lbs
  • Vestibules: None
  • Type: Dome Tent
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Summary: Favorable Reviews

Affordable for its size. Takes only about 10 minutes to set up with 2 people. May not fit 6, but it fits 4 adults nicely. Lots of room for mattresses, gear, and occupants.

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Summary: Unfavorable Reviews

Directions for setting it up are confusing. They are not very helpful. Size is small for a "6-person" tent. Clips that connect the tent body to the poles can break easily. Cannot hold up to 35+ MPH winds as advertised.

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The Steel Creek dome tent from the world-renowned Coleman is quite roomy inside. Plus, it also features an extra screened area for having a nice sit down while avoiding bugs, or for storing stuff that you don’t like to keep inside the main tent. Not only that, the Steel Creek employs an innovative fast-pitch system, meaning you can set it up in less than ten minutes. Enjoy the space without the hassle. It is advertised to be capable of housing 6 people, and it does not cost very much for its capacity.


  1. Lots of Space. The Steel Creek’s total floor area is 140 square feet including the screen room. The main tent is roomy, and the screen room can also be used as extra space for people to sleep in. Just make sure the skies are clear, as the screen room does not protect against rain. The main tent is also equipped with pockets for keys, wallets, phones, books, and other small items.
  2. The Screen Room. Speaking of which, the screen room is a great added feature. It essentially makes the Steel Creek a two-room tent. This room also is a nice spot to set up foldable chairs and enjoy the presence of nature without the creepy crawlies. The screen around the area protects well enough against the little intruders while letting the fresh air in and allowing people to catch a glimpse of the outside. Take note though that it doesn’t protect against rain, so it's best not to sleep in the screen room when expecting rain. This area also works well for keeping bags, shoes, and other things that you don’t want inside the main tent.
  3. Enough Headroom. The Steel Creek stands at 5 feet 8 inches peak height, so you won’t feel claustrophobic going inside. Sitting down, the interior has enough headroom around it. Standing up might not be too comfortable, but it isn’t common to be standing up while inside a tent anyway.
  4. Fast Pitch. With two people doing the pitching, the tent can be set up in as little as seven minutes. It features colour-coded poles as well as clips on the tent body for much easier attachment to the poles. In contrast to threading the poles through sleeves, clipping the tent body onto the poles is a lot easier and faster. The poles are also pre-attached to a hub element at the top, and the bottoms can be mounted quickly to the fast-fit feet.
  5. Good Ventilation. The Steel Creek’s body has a mesh construction, making it very breathable all around. There are also ventilation ports near the roof of the tent for added airflow. These ports also help to avoid condensation inside the tent, so it doesn’t feel humid as you sleep.
  6. E-Ports. The tent is equipped with electrical outlets and wiring to bring power inside. This is great for tech-savvy campers, allowing them to charge their phones, power banks, GPS locators, and other gizmos. But since this system isn’t solar-powered, you’ll have to find an available power source on site.
  7. Price. The Steel Creek is a pretty affordable tent for its size. It retails for $179.00 info_outline on Amazon; not a bad price for a relatively large tent.


  1. Cold inside. As the tent body is almost mesh all around, it is not designed to retain heat. Therefore, the Steel Creek is not recommended for cooler weather. There are also no provisions for attaching a nylon covering to the tent’s exterior to block out the cold air. An included rainfly can be attached, but this does not cover the sides. With those in mind, the Steel Creek is only good for campouts done in the summer or in warmer conditions.
  2. Not Really For Six People. The space inside the main tent is actually just a 90-square-foot area, and this is not enough for six people to comfortably fit in. Unless it's fine for your companions to sleep in such a cramped space, it's best to have only four people sharing the tent.
  3. Poles can be Flimsy. The Steel Creek’s poles are made of fiberglass, thus they really are not that hardy. One buyer from Amazon commented that even 20 mph winds broke the poles of his tent and sent the whole structure down. So it's best to not use this tent in windy environments. it's no fun having your tent fall down on you while you fall asleep.
  4. Bulky. The entire setup weighs 19 pounds, so it's best used when driving to a campsite. Also, when packed, the tent with all its parts is 24 x 12 inches. it's a hefty package to bring along.
  5. Not For Tall People. 5 feet and 8 inches of peak height may be generous headroom for most, but taller people may complain. This tent is unfortunately not designed for those gifted with more height.
  6. Rainfly is Not Full Coverage. There is an included rainfly, but it only partially covers the tent. Thus, this is not ideal for areas with heavy rains.
  7. No Footprint. There is no included footprint, so you will have to buy a separate one. Based on an Amazon Q&A, a 10’ x 15’ one would be most appropriate for this tent.


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While the Coleman Steel Creek provides a good amount of space and can be pitched in just a few minutes, it is not ideal for 6 people as advertised. Because the screen room area is not a very good spot to sleep in, only the main tent should be considered, and only 4 people can comfortably fit there.

The Steel Creek is also not very versatile. It isn’t constructed with wind resistance and rain protection in mind. Rather, it's only appropriate for calm and moderate weather. Those who want to camp in places with more unpredictable weather should consider a different tent. Also, this tent is definitely not for campers who value durability.

For beginner campers and those who choose campsites with good weather, the Steel Creek is a good choice. Especially considering its $179.00 info_outline price tag. it's a good tent for its price, knowing its capacity and ease of use. Not bad for occasional campers.

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