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Browning Camping Big Horn Two Room 8 Person Cabin Tent Review

Big Horn Tent with Fly on

The Big Horn with the Fly on
  • Browning Camping Logo
  • Manufacture: Browning Camping
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 Persons
  • Designed For: 3 Seasons
  • Best Use: Car Camping
  • Type: Cabin Tent
  • Our Ratings: 5 STARS
  • Five Stars Logo
  • MSRP: $329.99
  • Current Price: $293.48 info_outline
  • You Save $36.51 (11 %)
  • Manufacture: Browning Camping
  • Browning Camping Logo
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 Persons
  • Designed For: 3 Seasons
  • Best Use: Car Camping
  • Type: Cabin Tent
  • Our Ratings: 5 STARS
  • Five Stars logo
  • MSRP: $329.99
  • Current Price: $293.48 info_outline
  • You Save $36.51 (11 %)

Big Horn Pictures and Videos

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Big Horn Tent with Fly off

The Big Horn Without the Fly
View from the inside of the Big Horn Tent

View from the Inside of the Tent

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Logo Representing the Features Section


  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Color: Cream/Brown
  • Number of Rooms: 2
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Number of Windows: 6
  • Footprint: Available Separately.
  • Browning Big Horn Floor Saver
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Materials and Extras

  • Inner Walls: 76D 185T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut.
  • Fly: 76D 185T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut.
  • Floor: 151D polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating.
  • Poles: Fiberglass and Steel.
Logo Representing the Dimensions Section


  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 Persons
  • Floor Area: 150 square feet
  • Center Height: 7 ft. 03 in
  • Total Weight: 34lbs 11oz
  • Vestibules: None
  • Type: Cabin Tent
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Summary: Favorable Reviews

The Big Horn reportedly stands up to adverse weather with the users remaining bone dry. Extremely roomy for 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. Great ventilation on hot summer nights with the 6 windows. With 7 foot of headroom no problems standing up. Reasonably easy to set up considering its size.

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Summary: Unfavorable Reviews

As the Big Horn has 7 feet of headroom, it can be a little difficult to setup if your 5 foot and a few inches. More storage would have been excellent considering the size. The zippers and the stakes are not that durable, as with most tents around this price. Not ideal for cold nights.

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Cabin tents are great choices for campers who like having lots of space inside. Their walls are not as curved as those of dome tents; rather, they are almost straight, providing more room for the interior. Also, they tend to have wider floor areas, so they're ideal for multiple people. Some cabin tents even have more than one room inside, just like the Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Cabin Tent. Below you can see a list of it's strongest and weakest points.


  1. Freestanding. The Big Horn can support its own weight on any terrain. It does not even have to be staked down in most cases. But in case of strong winds, it’s always best to secure it to the ground with the included steel stakes and guylines.
  2. So much space. With a peak height of 87 inches (more than 7 feet) and a floor area of 150 square feet, the Big Horn puts space at a premium. Add to that the almost vertical walls and you get a very comfy, roomy interior. Most people can stand inside the tent without ducking their heads. Additionally, the area is indeed enough for the advertised capacity of 8 people. They won’t have to cram themselves inside. It can even fit a few bunk beds inside.
  3. Two rooms. The Big Horn is designed with two rooms that can be separated using the included divider. That gives extra privacy between the rooms. This is great for a large family and groups who don’t want everything in the tent to be open to all.
  4. Removable divider. For those who want to maximize all of the available space the Big Horn provides, the divider can be detached to have just one large room for everyone to share.
  5. Two doors, six windows. There is one door for each room, and each of those doors has a window built in. The four other windows are on either side and on the back side of the tent. That means you can enjoy the presence of the outdoors a lot more when the weather is fine.
  6. Durable, water-resistant floor. The floor material is 150D oxford polyester, which is a substantially thick and high-strength fabric. That means the floor is not that prone to tears and punctures. Also, the material has a 2000 mm waterproofing rating, which is pretty good for most circumstances.
  7. Breathable. The Big Horn has several large openings as well as a mesh ceiling to maximize the flow of air. With that kind of ventilation, this tent is great for use in the summer.
  8. Low price. At $293.48 info_outline it’s a great deal for a cabin tent providing this much space. Not a lot of tents available on the market provide this level of quality at this price point.


  1. Vulnerable to wind. Because of its size and shape, the Big Horn is prone to be blown away by the wind. Therefore, it is best not to use this tent for campsites with less than calm conditions.
  2. Fiberglass poles. Poles made of fiberglass help to keep the price down, but they tend to be more delicate. This is yet another reason to only use the Big Horn in calm weather.
  3. Bulky. The Big Horn weighs almost 35 pounds and has a packed size of 30 x 12 inches. With that much heft, this tent is clearly for camping with a vehicle.
  4. No vestibule. If you want to keep your soiled shoes, clothes, and backpacks protected from the occasional drizzles, you will have to keep them inside the tent.
  5. Rainfly does not completely cover the tent body. The rainfly only covers the ceiling and about 1/3 of the tent body from the top. While this may be good in that it doesn’t hamper the view from the windows, it does have a drawback – it won’t protect much against heavy downpours.
  6. Poor heat retention. The general construction of the Big Horn’s interior is designed to easily let air in and out. Therefore, it cannot keep heat inside, making it not suitable for use in cold weather.
  7. No footprint. There is no included footprint, but there is one sold separately specifically for the Big Horn two-room model called the “Floor Saver”. The floor may be made of tough fabric but it’s still best to protect it further with a footprint, especially over rough terrain.


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The Browning Big Horn Two-Room is a very spacious tent that’s ideal for both big families and groups. At 7 feet 3 inches high and with 150 square feet of area, this tent is like a portable mini-house. You can even put in a few beds inside for a more comfortable outdoor sleeping experience.

Perhaps the best part about this is the price of $293.48 info_outline It’s a very good deal considering the quality, capacity, and space the Big Horn has. It may not be the most heavy-duty cabin tent that around, but it fits the bill for most campers looking for a roomy, comfy outdoor dwelling.

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