What are the best tents under $100 to buy?


Finding a tent under $100

Of the 100 plus tents I have looked at 43 can be bought for less than $100 info_outline. Finding a decent sized tent at this price is a bit of a challenge, it is possible though. Some of the tents below are heavily discounted making them great deals.

Sizes range from 20 sq feet up to 117 sq feet
Prices start at $34.99 and max out at $99.95 info_outline
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Top rated tents below $100

Thirteen of the tents have a very good overall score "much better than the average for all tents" Two of them easily qualify as top rated, they both have lots of reviews, more than 800 in total. Both are the same model and made by Coleman.

The Sundome 3 is small, real small, forget about standing room this is kneeling room only. Coleman's Sundome 4 offers quite a lot more space and probably deserves consideration for very small families or couples wanting to try camping for the first time without breaking the bank. The 4 person tent is just $9.48 info_outline extra,with 28% more space and an extra 7 inches of headroom, makes it very easy to choose the larger one. The Sundome 4 pictured above is currently just $59.47 info_outline

The much larger Sundome 6 that is surprisingly, only $78.75 info_outline is covered in more detail below in the next section devoted to the largest tents under $100 info_outline

The Meramac 3 has a MSRP of $129.99 subsequently one can not always find it for less than $100. Pretty much all of Alps tents get great ratings the Mountaineering Meramac 3 is no exception, with more than 75 reviews and an overall score of 90% currently discounted 38% to $81.14 info_outline you would be hard pressed to find better value "if you are not looking for a big tent"

The larger Meramac 4 which is amazingly just $81.14 info_outline is covered in more detail below in the next next section below.

Tents with the most value under $100

The tent with the biggest dollar savings is the Zephyr 1 reduced $102.22 info_outline along with very good ratings, makes it excellent value at its current price. Another is the One Touch Set Up it too is nicely discounted 62% offering you a saving of $80 info_outline

Wenzels Twin Peaks Sport Dome pictured above, made by Mountain Trails looks good even at the MSRP of $69.99 discounted 29% info_outline makes it even better value for money for smaller families, looking for a quality tent with good ratings.

It is pretty rare to find the Sundome 6 for less than $100 With 100 sq feet of sleeping space it looks very attractive at this price, the six feet of standing room is also nice. Discounted to $78.75 info_outline makes it a much better deal than the Sundome 4 on a dollar per square foot basis if your looking for a little more space or have a growing family, it would be an excellent choice.

Largest tents below $100

Five tents have 6 feet of standing room or more, two of these have more than 100 square feet of living space. Largest of them all is the Blue Ridge with 117 square feet along with 6 ft. 00 inches of headroom made by Wenzel.

The 8 person Red Canyon, pictured below is huge and represents great value, even when it is priced at a little more than $100

Another tent that looks at a quick glance worth passing over, is the Salmon River 2 room dome tent, if you look at the reviews in detail you will see that most all are excellent testimonials only a few campers have negative things to say mostly about it's size and the rain fly. Good for 6 people? Probably not! 3-4 people will have more than adequate space and a little privacy if they wish. Currently just $89.95 info_outline makes it a good option for small families.

Coleman's deeply discounted Sundome 6 gets another mention here because it also drops into this larger group of tents.

Last of the five is the Branch Canyon made by Texsport with just a few ratings it is hard to make any kind of judgment about this one. If you are searching for a cheap large tent the other four appear to be better choices.

Tents $75.00 and under

Eighteen of the fourty-three tents can be purchased for less than $75 info_outline all offer enough space only for the smallest of families.

Coleman makes nine of them. Even though the Sundome 3 is one of the cheapest tents available today "with a good overall score" at $49.99 info_outline It is hard to choose it when the larger Sundome models cost only a little extra for considerably more space.

The Twin Peaks Sport Dome has already been mentioned above in the best value section. On sale at $49.95 info_outline It is hard to find anything wrong with this tent, if you are in the market for a smaller tent for whatever reason.

Last of the eighteen is the Ridgeline made by Wenzel pictured below. It is only $81.92 info_outline It's overall score is well above average, lots of the 200+ reviews get 5 stars. Yes it is a small tent, it does though offer a lot of value just like the other seventeen.

Quite often when one thinks of cheap, the next thought is usually "poor quality" None of the tents above do anything but excel in all areas "except size" Only the Sundome 3 does not make sense, any of the others would make great choices.

Most popular tents below $100

By far the most popular tent is the Sundome 4 with more than one thousand reviews, lots of buyers have given it five stars, the next best selling is the Ridgeline it has more than 200 reviews, both have great overall scores.

Of the fourty-three tents under $100 eighteen have more than 100 reviews ten of these are made by Coleman four of them are the dependable entry-level Sundome model With two large windows an awning and a quick 15 minute advertised setup time, these small but spacious tents are great for people new to camping not wishing to commit a whole lot of cash. Another is made by Wenzel "it is very affordable" the Ridgeline also has lots of happy owners who rave about it.

Another worth mentioning is the One Touch Set Up unlike the others above it is not made by a well-known manufacture, which makes it jump out from the rest. All of these seventeenother tents have had favorable mentions elsewhere on the page.

Coleman's hugely popular 4 person Instant Tent "pictured above" is not often discounted below $100 info_outline at this price it starts to look atractive as a tent that can be used on weekends, for the kids in the back yard. Read more about Coleman's Instant Tents

Other tents under $100

Wenzel's 2-Room Pine Ridge is nicely discounted and has a place if you looking for a mid sized tent, maybe you just don't want a big tent. If this is the case it is a decent sized easy to setup dome tent for the price. Wenzel's Pine Ridge 5 with 80 square feet is more than large enough for a small family of three. Two rooms is another big plus. With a 10 year warranty, plenty of buyers and a good overal score, this tent "pictured below" is a steal at its present-day price of just $57.69 info_outline

The Cedar Ridge Rimrock 4 I was not sure who "Cedar Ridge" was, it turns out that they are ALPS Mountaineering newest brand addition, this caught my attention as ALPS are renowned for making high quality tents for serious all year round camping. As you can see in the video underneath ALPS have applied what they know to this new budget line.

A decent sized "64 square foot" ALPS backed tent for $82.73 info_outline now that is a good deal! The initial reviews are excellent!

"super easy to set up in the pitch dark"
"No leaks or anything"
"set this up in 10 minutes by himself"

As ALPS are publicly behind this new brand, it is near certain you will be getting a quality tent that will last for years.

If this is your first time camping and you are not sure how much to spend. Any of the tents mentioned above would make a great choice without breaking the bank.

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