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Top Rated Tents

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Choosing a Tent
Your new tent is going to accommodate a number of people sleeping in a relatively small space. Square footage and ventilation should be considered first and foremost. If you are going to use it regularly, it's always better to opt on the side of quality and spend as much as your budget will allow for, just like any other purchase. First time camping? Try and borrow one from a friend or buy a used one to see if camping is going to work for you and your family. Your local Craigslist is a great place to start looking for a used tent, this way you can pick it up in person and inspect it before purchasing it. For a more in-depth view on how to choose a tent, check out this Wikihow

The size of the tent should be your number one consideration!
How many people and how much gear will you be traveling with is a good place to start, the simplest way to calculate a good sized tent for your family is, double the number of persons traveling. For example, if you have two adults and two children consider an 8 person tent. Larger groups and parents with very young children can probably use a multiple of 1.5 and still have a decent amount of space.

The length of your holiday and the frequency of your trips should also be considered, the longer the time span the more space you will likely need. Finding a spot to set up a very large tent can be more difficult, heating and keeping it warm inside is also another issue to consider, bigger tents can be less stable in windy conditions, unless guy lines are used. More space still tends to trump these more minor considerations though. Tents that are tall enough to stand up inside are a big plus. The weight of family size camping tents should not be a problem if the tent is just been carried to and from the car.

If you are not sure what type of tent you want, you just know you want plenty of space, start by comparing some of the Largest Tents on sale today.
Different Types of Tents
Cabin Tents

large Cabin Tent.
These tents are normally heavier than most types and can be more difficult to set up, they do provide a lot of space though. It is extremely important to set up your cabin tent properly, if it is not done correctly it can lead to rain leaking in. The extra weight of these tents makes them best used on trips involving a car or other motorized vehicle, Ideally suited to large families and groups wanting more room. For more info start by comparing the best of this year's Cabin Tents

Dome Tents and Modified Dome Tents

Wenzel Pine Ridge Sport Dome 5 Person tent.
The dome is the most popular design for general camping. It is stable and simple to assemble, using two or three poles through the center of the roof. The ground area is normally a large square or hexagonal floor plan. Dome tents generally provide decent headroom. Separate room dome tents larger in size, and often called modified dome tents are also available. The extra porch area that many have can be used to store equipment and is very handy. Using a square floor plan uses space in the most efficient way. Hexagonal tents use a three-pole system, which increases the stability, providing less inside space. View this year's best Dome Tents

Tunnel Tents

8 person tunnel tent.
These have poles primarily running along the width of the tent. If pitched correctly these tents can be extremely stable in windy conditions. Remember to place the smallest side directly into the wind. If the weight of the tent is of importance to you a tunnel tent may be the option, as they are normally lighter than most other family sized tents.

The Basic A-Frame Tent

4 person A-Frame tent.
This tent is light but normally needs extra protection from the rain. Headroom in these is limited because of the sloping walls. Consisting of two or three poles along with wires, to increase stability. These tents are not particularly stable in windy conditions but can be good when setup correctly.
Modern day A-Frame Tents
The curved poles that come with this type of tent, help in increasing stability and give more room inside. It is usually freestanding and generally comes with a rain fly that covers the whole tent.

Hoop Tents

small hoop tent.
Rarely designed for more than 3-4 persons, they get a mention because they are some of the smallest and lightest tents on the market, they make an ideal choice for small families backpacking. The shape offers adequate floor space considering its smaller size. Curved poles create a shape that the name implies. Most have roomy interiors and doors. Snow "if you are into winter camping" and rain flows easily off this type of tent, making them great "four season tents."

Safari Tents

safari type tent.
Safari tents whilst generally expensive usually offer more comfort than a normal tent. They are also more stable and provide some modern comforts such as a kitchen and beds. These type of tents are often used in luxurious resorts and as the name implies on safaris. A word of warning these tents are very heavy and don't make a good choice for a quick weekend getaway. Start comparing other large cabin tents with the Trek Canvas Cabin Tent

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Most Popular Accessories

ETEKCITY Portable LED Lantern

One of the most popular tent's for the money, Coleman's Montana 8

Watch just how easy it is to set up this tent in under 10 minutes.

It is nearly impossible to pull into a camping site and not see a tent made by Coleman. No coincidence since they are one of the most popular brands on the market today. Having started back in 1946, they have a huge selection of tents available in different sizes and styles. When it comes to value for money, one of my favorites is a modified dome tent, called the Montana.
Coleman Montana 8 person tent

Available as a 6 or 8 person tent it's simple to choose between the two, the larger version is only a little more expensive. Who doesn't want more space for the same money? With more than 1500 reviews, the Montana 8 consistently receives lots of 5 star ratings on Amazon.
Click here to see more reviews on Amazon

The floor plan of 112 square feet and 6'2" of headroom offers plenty of room for the average person. The hinged door is another plus. Setup time is advertised as an easy 15 minutes; no one wants to spend an hour setting up the tent after a long road trip. To see all of Coleman's tents together click here

The last time I checked on Jun 27th, 2017 you can find this tent on Amazon for $141.14
Price to Size and taking into account the popularity of the brand, along with users reviews this tent represents excellent value for money.